When your children want to make a new crayon masterpiece on paper, it’s the sweetest thing to see them at work. But, when you’re not looking, they may find the best place(s) to add some color to the room! Seeing your child’s artwork on the walls, floor, windows, blinds, or bedsheets may cause you to freak out.

The good news is that getting crayons, markers, and sometimes ink off household surfaces is easy. Gentle if you use the right cleaning products and methods. Read this article for instructions on cleaning crayon stains before wiping the waxy. Or greasy colored drawings off your walls, floors, and other surfaces.


Cleaning Crayon Stains From Walls

Several techniques may be used to remove crayon marks on walls. But some might damage the paint. Use BetterMaid Cleaning Services tips for removing markers and crayons from walls that are effective and safe.


Before attempting the removal method, test each procedure on an inconspicuous area of the material or surface to be cleaned.


Method 1: Water and Dish Soap

There are two approaches to removing crayon stains from a painted wall: one for dealing with new colors and the other for removing more traces. Its has  been allowed to stay on the surface for some time. Here, have a look:


Hair dryer and Dish Soap

Crayon markings on the wall may be heated with a hairdryer set to medium heat and applied to the wall. Crayons and Markers, both wax-based, will melt in the heat, making them easier to remove.

You may remove crayon marks from the wall by heating the area. Then wiping it down with a paper towel or soft cloth dampened in a water and dish detergent solution.


Water and Dish Soap

Put one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle and shake well. Get a well-mixed, soapy solution by shaking the container firmly. Next, spritz a white microfiber cloth or paper towel with water to dampen it.  Gently wipe over the stain several times until it is gone.


Spray the stained area with All Purpose cleaner and wipe with paper towels.


Method 2: Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is the best and safest alternative when you need a minor abrasion. It’s somewhat abrasive without being too harsh on the paint and won’t scratch. Cleaning crayons off the wall with baking soda is as easy as dipping a moist soft cloth.

Or sponge into a basin of baking soda and then gently wiping in a circular motion to remove the crayon. To ensure the instrument is clean, rinse it occasionally and then return to the cleaning process.


The Best Methods for Cleaning Up Crayons From Floors

Crayon stains on the floor are a little more challenging to remove than other flooring stains.  Since there is no “one size fits all” technique. Crayons and markers on the bottom are not harmful, but how you clean them can be.

Read the cleaning instructions below to learn how to get crayon marks off your hardwood or tile floors.


Wood Flooring

It’s best to clean hardwood floors with plain water or a light cleaner. But crayon on a wooden floor needs dishwashing liquid to get rid of the stain most safely and effectively. Since crayon wax is oily, a simple cleaning solution of dish soap and water. It will easily cut through it and remove all traces of color.

It’s essential to remember that too much water might cause the wood to distort. Instead, use the cleanser to dampen a sponge and scrape the marker or crayon off. Soak up any excess moisture with paper towels at regular intervals;

This will also help remove the crayon stain while it is still wet. To remove the crayon stain from the hardwood floors, rinse the sponge and repeat the process.


Put a few drops of mineral spirits (a little goes a long way) onto a clean soft cloth and gently rub over the crayon marks to remove them.


Tiles Made of Porcelain and Ceramic

While there are other, less hazardous ways to eliminate crayons on ceramic tiles. This is the quickest and least troublesome one. In this case, a can of WD-40, some paper towels, and maybe a minute or two are all required.

To clean the tile, spray a little WD-40 onto a paper towel and wipe it down. After using the crayon, wipe the area off with a moist cloth to remove any remaining crayon dust or wax.


Remove Crayon from Clothing

Kids love to color on materials. Whether their clothes, yours, the bed, the couch, or the curtains. Unfortunately, crayon marks on fabric can’t just be wiped away as they can be on hard or porous materials. Instead, they must be treated and washed in the machine to eliminate them.

If your kids have colored on your favorite bedsheets or shirt, there’s no need to throw a fit; use the methods outlined below to remove the crayon marks.

Rub an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas into the crayon mark. The wax has to cool and solidify without becoming waterlogged (like an ice cube would do). Gently scrape out as much of the colored wax as you can with a dull butter knife or a plastic spoon. Work some undiluted dishwashing liquid into the stained area. Instead, you may use a laundry stain remover designed for the material in issue.

Reapply steps 3-5 if any remnants of the stain remain on the fabric. They say the darknets things, and sometimes that involves removing crayon traces in your house. Don’t worry, because BetterMaid Cleaning Services has got you covered. Tried-and-true ways to clean crayons and markers off various surfaces and materials in your home!