Fitted sheets are notoriously difficult to fold because of their peculiar shape. Which results from the elastic all the way around the sheet. However, if you are familiar with a few easy hacks. You will never again have to worry about storing a rolled-up or lumpily folded fitted sheet.

Better Maid Cleaning Services is here to teach you the art of the perfectly folded fitted sheet. Its just a few short seconds and without needless aggravation. But first, let’s define these sheets and explain why they’re superior to standard linens.


What is Fitted Sheet

These sheets are designed to lay flat on top of a mattress, as the name implies. The sheet’s hem is fitted with a tiny elastic band so that it may be quickly and easily pulled over the mattress. The elastic is placed beneath the mattress’ corners to keep the sheet in place.

If you work in the a serviced apartments  business or just want a simpler. Less frustrating way to make your bed, fitted sheets are a great alternative since they remain tight over the mattress. Regardless of how you move about in bed.

You may have to smooth out wrinkles by hand, but unlike with a standard fitted sheet. It doesn’t  need to go around the bed to gather and tuck in the ends. Now that you know how wonderful fitted bed sheets are, all there is left to do is master the art of folding them! So, should we go right in?


Face the long side of the sheet up first, then slip your hands within the corners.



How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in Step-by-Step Details

At first glance, this approach may seem difficult to implement, but once you get the hang of it, folding fitted sheets will take you just a few seconds. To facilitate a more thorough understanding of the methodology, we have split it into several phases. To learn more, continue reading!


Step 1: Put Your Hands Within The Corners Of The Sheet

The sheet should be held lengthwise from two opposing corners, with the rest dangling down. Make sure the flat side of the sheet (the one that will be up on the mattress) is facing you. The elastic edge should be thrown over your wrists and forearms, with your hands tucked within the corner.


Step 2: Set One Corner Within The Other

Where you will insert one corner into the other. Bring your left hand to your right, so that your fingers are touching through the corners, then squeeze the right corner with your left hand.

When you hold the right corner in your hand, you may use your right hand to pull it over the left corner. Align the two sides by tucking the left corner into the right one.


Fold the sheet horizontally after flipping it over.



Step 3: Fold-in The Remaining Four Corners

Corners 1 (left) and 2 (right) should be aligned and draping over your left hand; at the same time, you should slide down the edge of the sheet closest to your body and put your hand within the third corner.

Once again, your hand should be clutching the inside of the corner, and the bottom of the sheet corner should be draping over your hand. With your left hand, grip the four corners of the square, and pull corner 3 up and in between them (just like you did with 1 and 2).

Tuck in the fourth corner in the same way; at this point, all four corners should be lined up.


Step 4: Make Sure All of The Corners Are Squared Off

With your left hand supporting the four squared-off corners, you may fold the sheet’s edges in toward the center. Move your right hand down the sheet’s two edges to smooth them out. Now, spread the sheet out flat with the tucked-in corners facing up.


Fold your flat sheet to be the same size as your fitted sheet



Step 5: Fold It In Thirds To Make It Neat (lengthways)

If you lay a fitted sheet flat, you’ll see that its elastic edges curve into a rough L. To keep the sheet in this configuration, you should pull its corners together so that they form a rectangle. It may now be folded in thirds by bringing the longer side of the “L” in toward the center and folding the other side over it.


Step 6: Convert The Rectangle Into a Neat Square

You should now have a lengthy but nicely folded and fitting sheet that can be refolded into a square. Following the same pattern as in Step 5, fold the sheet in thirds by bringing one end nearer the center and then folding the other end over to create a square.

There you have it: a neatly folded fitted sheet. We promise that with just a little bit of practice, you will be able to fold your fitted sheets like an expert!