Did you see cockroach running away when you turned on your kitchen light? Even if you squash some, you may miss more. Despite the unsettling presence of cockroach in your house, you can easily control them before they spread. Read more to learn how to catch, destroy, and prevent roach infestations.


Things To Do

  • To deter cockroach, use sticky traps in cupboards, behind major appliances, and in room corners.
  • To eradicate the infestation, leave bait traps for roaches to carry insecticides home.
  • Bug spray or concentrated liquid roach killer kills roaches on contact and deters them.
  • For natural insect control, sprinkle diatomaceous earth or boric acid on cracks and crevices.


Hiring a pest control company is an option if you’re looking to get rid of cockroach, or just want to prevent the problem before it starts.


Leave Bait Stations in Trouble Spots

Bait station food kills roaches slowly using insecticides. Place the bait along baseboards, beneath the sink, and in corners where cockroache may find it.

  • To help control the infestation, roaches transport poisoned bait back to the nest. Bait stations may take weeks to eliminate cockroache since their eggs may hatch after removal
  • Gel baits may be applied beneath the counter edge or cabinet hinges.


Apply Liquid Concentrate Pesticide Near Entrances

Liquid roach killer can control the hardest infestations. Since pesticide mixing instructions vary by manufacturer, follow them to dilute it adequately.

  • After mixing, use an aerosol sprayer or mop to apply a thin coating to roach-prone areas.
  • Check cabinet cracks, behind big appliances, and basement borders.

Pesticides are harmful, so it’s important to keep kids and dogs away from locations where you’ve applied them. Using a concentrate often scares off roaches for at least a week, making it ideal for preventing re-infestation.


Apply Pesticide Spray Directly on Roaches to Kill Them

It just takes a little spray of pesticide to eliminate any roaches you see. You should use roach-targeted spray because it will work better than anything else. Apply the pesticide spray to cracks, crevices, and baseboards to kill any roach that enters.

  • Since brands differ, follow all the safety warnings on the product label.
  • If spray is unavailable, spritz cockroaches with rubbing alcohol to kill them. Keep pets and children away from treated areas, since pesticides contain chemicals


Take equal parts of baking soda and a pinch of sugar in a shallow bowl, then place it near to the cockroach infested areas.



Lay Sticky Traps

When cockroaches enter sticky traps, they become trapped. Set traps in cupboards and beneath sink. Along baseboards near entryways where you’ve spotted cockroaches. Leave traps in each room corner for 2–3 days before replacing them.

  • In a pinch, wrap cardboard in duct tape with the adhesive side out to create sticky traps.
  • Track the number of cockroaches you catch on each trap to determine where your property has the most pests.


Add Boric Acid to The Cabinets

Boric acid starves house roaches. Apply a thin coating of boric acid powder to the cabinet and baseboard cracks. Vacuum and replace the boric acid after a week.

  • To attract more roaches to boric acid, add one part powdered sugar or flour. Since boric acid lures them to food, roaches will eat it.
  • Boric acid is safe for people and pets, but it should only be used where roaches can access it.
  • Boric acid is plant-toxic; therefore, avoid using it outdoors.
  • Some individuals say baking soda or baking soda plus boric acid kills roaches; however, baking soda alone is ineffective.


Seal Cracks and Entrances

Sealing your property can help prevent roach infestations. Find any gaps or cracks around your doors and windows, and seal them if possible. Next, install weather stripping and door sweeps around all openings. To make sure that roaches can’t get into your house, you should inspect the inside and outside often.


The Cockroach is also a home for the bacterium Salmonella which can cause typhoid and food poisoning.



Store Food in Properly in a Containers

Cockroach infestations are common in homes where people leave food in the open. Never leave food out in the open; instead, put it in the fridge or seal it in a container.

As a preventative measure against roach infestation. Clean away any leftover food from your counters or stove.  Keeping your pet’s food properly packaged and stored is also part of pest control for roaches.


Fix Any Leak and Drain the Water

Roaches leave without water. Find water leaks beneath sinks and around pipelines, and address them immediately. Clean up spills immediately to avoid roaches being lured to moisture. Avoid overwatering houseplants because they attract roaches.


Empty Your Garbage Frequently

Cockroaches swarm near filled garbage cans. Keep food leftovers in a lidded garbage container to avoid bugs. To avoid spoilage and vermin, remove garbage as soon as it’s full or after a few days.

Tie the trash bag and throw it in a sealed container away from your house.  Keep cardboard boxes away from your garbage can because roaches love them


Clean up food scraps, including tiny crumbs that you might overlook at a glance. A dirty home definitely can attract cockroaches.


Deep-clean Your House

Cleaning completely eliminates food and hiding places. To keep cockroaches away, clean up occasionally during the week. In the kitchen, wash dishes and put away leftovers quickly.

Sweep and mop your floors to remove crumbs and residue.  Don’t leave clutter, as roaches may find new hiding spots. Hire a cleaning company that can help you to maintain the cleanliness.


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