The Importance of Keeping Electrical Switches Tidy and Clean


Although light switches and other electrical covers may appear harmless. They contain bacteria that can cause illness when touched. Furthermore, one can only fathom how dirty and soiled these surfaces must be with the general everyday use they get.

It’s essential to clean your switches and switchboards regularly. Because germs can grow there even if you can’t see them. But dirt and discoloration are clear signs that these often-touched surfaces need a thorough cleaning. Its to bring back their original beauty and, more importantly, make them clean again.

Especially in high-traffic areas or places where grease and dirt are standard, like kitchens and bathrooms. Essential to use a specific cleaning solution as soon as possible to keep the outlet from turning a color that can’t be changed.

A specific method must be followed to clean your home’s light switches and electrical covers safely and effectively. Fortunately, today Better Maid Cleaning Services is here to tell you about it!


Before making any replacements or grabbing any tools, turn off the power to the outlet.


What You’ll Need:


The following materials are required to clean outlet covers and light switches:

  • Screwdriver (flathead or crosshead, depending on the output screws)
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Sanitizing mist
  • Brushes, such as an old toothbrush or a paintbrush,
  • Scrubber
  • Towels and microfiber dust mops
  • Basin
  • Wet washcloth


How to Thoroughly Clean Electrical Outlets and Plates


It’s never risk-free to clean an electrical component or appliance. Cleaning electrical covers and light switches securely requires methodical and well-thought-out step-by-step guidance.  Such as the one provided by Better Maid Cleaning Services.


Step 1: Adhere To All Established Safety Procedures. 

Safety precautions must be taken before any cleaning. It can begin should someone get electrocuted or shocked. To do this, switch off your home’s main breaker. Because the electricity in the house will be out for a while.

Best to get this done in the morning while daylight hours are at their peak. Before you start, consider how cleaning outlet covers and switches can affect other people in the home. It is a good idea to go around the house and see if any lights or fans come on after the power has been turned off. When the coast is clear, go on to the next phase.


You can use disinfectant cleaner soaked clean towel or microfiber cloth.


Step 2: Take Off the Covers.

Covers the electrical cover over your light switches. It doesn’t need to be removed for the occasional dusting and wiping. But it is recommended when you get into tight spaces and scrub stubborn stains or debris.

To remove the electrical cover, detach the plate from all sides and pull it away from the wall. Gather the screws from each outlet and put them in their containers, so they don’t get mixed up.


Step 3: Clean Up the Mess.

Dust also collects on the inside of the electrical covering in addition to the outside. (Through the narrowest of gaps between the wall and cover.) It’s best to brush the dust from both sides of the plastic body before scrubbing it to eliminate stubborn filth.

Now is the time to remove the toothbrush or paintbrush. Go into all the nooks and crannies to knock the dust out. If there is dust you cannot get out of a service. Try rinsing the item under running water and letting the pressure of the water do the work for you.


Step 4: Soaking the Covers and Sanitizing the Switches.

Add 1–2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid to a basin of warm water and whisk to make a soapy solution. It is suggested to soak the electrical covering(s) in this cleaning solution for 10 to 15 minutes to get rid of dirt and discoloration.

During the time that the outlet covers are soaking, also clean and disinfect the light switches. Disinfectant cleaner on a paper towel or microfiber cloth is the most risk-free method. One helpful technique for disinfecting switches is wrapping. The moist cleaning tool around a finger and gently scraping each button.


Spray a dust/dirt removal agent on a cotton swab and carefully.


Step 5. Clean and Dry All Electrical Enclosures.

Scrub the protective coatings of your electronics using a soft scrubber. Dipped in the cleaning solution they’ve been sitting in. The filth and grime have had enough time to absorb, so they should be easy to remove.

After cleaning them, remove the outlet covers and rinse them under running water. Next, give each body a good shake to remove excess water. Wipe it off with a dry cloth, and then place them somewhere to dry in the open air. It is essential to wait until the electrical covers are completely. Dry before putting them on the outlets and tightening the screws.

After you’re done, you may finally flip the switch back on. And don’t forget to disinfect light switches and electrical covers periodically. To maintain these often-overlooked surfaces clean and hygienic and to prevent the transmission of viruses.