Challenges for the cleaning sector/industries

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the commercial and private sector cleaning industries have faced one of the toughest challenges ever. The heightened cleaning standards have become the new normal. Due to a sudden decline in the revenues, the cleaning industry managers had to temporary fire several employees with continuous efforts to keep their business afloat.

Cleaning sectors had to be dynamic in dealing with the pandemic challenges by providing innovative, practical solutions.

COVID-19 spreads through the airborne particles; it was postulated that something that could purify the air and cleans the surface would be beneficial. Businesses had to strive harder to combat the cleaning boom caused by the pandemic. In that regards, air purifiers, sanitizers and sterilizers are performing their job with an advanced touch.

Following are some powerful and helpful cleaning innovations that are actually working during the coronavirus outbreak in 2021.


Air purifiers

Air Purifier.

Air Purifier


As a hard-hitting strategy, using these air purifiers in communal settings has proved to be very useful. These devices claim to kill various airborne particles, including COVID-19 strains (make sure you read the label before purchasing). Integrated with the filers and UV light, these devices perform the cleaning/disinfecting job pretty impressively.


Electrostatic spraying

It is one of the newest and most valuable technologies deployed to face the cleaning boom. The electrostatic sprayer is the shape of a plastic gun. By virtue of this device, the disinfectant molecules get a positive charge. This cationic charge both attracts and repels the molecules from one another, which leads to an even spread and pushing of the disinfectant into the farfetched or difficult to reach areas. This technique is 60 to 70% efficient compared to usual spray bottles, wiping and lower-tech decontaminating foggers. The drawback of the low tech and low-speed foggers is that it is very time-consuming and still not adequate. The business of these electrostatic sprayers has grown like crazy as almost every commercial setting uses them, from disinfecting restaurant tables to cars.




Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are one of the essentials of the front desk of any setting, company, department or building nowadays. Previously pump-action sanitizer bottles were widely used, but now touch-free sanitizers have come into the scene, almost totally replacing the former. These touch-free sanitizers have the exact mechanism of action as the battery-operated soap dispensers. The touch-free hand sanitizer units are becoming far more appealing than the pump-action sanitizer bottles


Storm Ballistic virus killer

An awe-inspiring and innovative way to maintain professional hygiene in any settings throughout the day is using the storm ballistic virus killer. This is a spot cleaning device in the form of a backpack with an extended nozzle attached to it. This advanced device is commonly used these days to disinfect the common touching points in commercial or public areas.

These are some excellent and useful innovations in 2021 that are widely used as a part of the cleaning and disinfecting regime to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic