How to carpet clean – best way to carpet clean

Regular maintenance adds a few more years to the life of all your valuables and not just the carpets. Seasonal carpet cleaning is classified in the same category as spring cleaning. While it might sound no fun to you, it is compulsory and should be done every once in a while. While a vast majority of homeowners do not pay attention to carpet cleaning at all and can go without it for years, regular carpet cleaning improves your carpet’s performance and helps them last a little longer. While one way to clean your carpet is doing it yourself, the other is to book a professional carpet cleaning service. Now the question is which of the two is the best way to carpet clean.  The following article throws light on the advantages and disadvantages of both professional and DIY carpet cleaning and aims to help you find out the best way to carpet clean. So let’s dive in without further ado:


Professional carpet cleaning v/s DIY:  Which is the best way to carpet clean?

While the majority of carpet cleaning machines, both Professional and DIY use the same hot water extraction technique, they might differ in the process as well as the results. Professional carpet cleaning techniques most commonly comprise of a truck-mounted cleaning unit or a portable unit. Now if you talk about the quality of results, a truck-mounted cleaning unit being more powerful and more efficient shows far better results than a DIY one. They also lead to a shorter drying time.  Another option for DIYing your carpets is to rent or buy a steam cleaning machine. These machines are easily available in the market and come at a lower price point as well.


Professional Carpet cleaning is more time-efficient.

While DIYing your carpets might come with a lot of advantages, it also has its own set of disadvantages. Doing your carpets yourself with a small cleaning machine can be a lengthy and daunting task. If you are okay with spending hours or sometimes a whole day (in case of an entire rental house or larger areas), rule this one out! But what if despite a whole day of tiring and exhausting yourself, you still don’t get the desired results? You will want to kill yourself.

Professional Carpet steam clean

Professional Carpet steam clean


Professional carpet cleaning saves you money in a longer run

While you might Feel like you are saving money by doing it yourself, you might end up spending so much more than what a professional carpet cleaning service would cost you due to many reasons. Smaller carpet cleaning machines fail to remove all of the water from the carpet, which might lead to a very long drying time, which can result in a lot of complications like mold and further dirt collections on your carpets. Aside from this risk of disease, slow drying time can also cause problems like a stiff carpet and unsatisfactory cleanliness.


A professional carpet cleaning service is worth the price

While you might hesitate at the start of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for your homes or offices, the results will give a wide smile on your face.  Professional carpet cleaning Is far more effective than doing it yourself as it yields better results, takes less time to dry (usually only a couple of hours or less) based on the area you live in. You can save money by availing of a deal if you are working with the same company every time.


Professional carpet cleaning is more hygienic

Did you know that your carpets accumulate more dirt than a toilet seat? Yeah, you heard that right! With around 200,000 bacteria per square inch, dirty carpets can be a reservoir of diseases. Just as holding germs, carpets can clutch allergens like pollen, pet dander and dust. Those allergens get dispersed into the air as somebody strolls on the carpet, which can be a great nuisance for anybody with allergies. Would you want your kids to play or sit or even touch something with so many germs? That daily vacuuming does no good to your carpets.  Which is why you should book a professional carpet cleaning service for your carpet to maintain a hygienic surface in your living space. A professional carpet cleaning service specially keeps hygiene in mind and makes sure that your carpets are disinfected and free of allergens, germs and all sorts of dust.

Whether you want to hire a professional carpet cleaner or want to do it yourself, it’s all a matter of preference in the end. Just make sure that you keep all above mentioned pros and cons in mind while making a decision. Booking a professional carpet cleaning service like () will leave your carpets free from all stains, mould, and dirt and looking their best. Moreover, we use smart drying techniques such as carpet rake and high-velocity fans to speed dry your carpets after cleaning. Our high-powered carpet cleaning system enables us to leave your carpets almost 70% dried with only a mildly damp feeling which we will completely dry with the help of our high-speed fans before leaving your property. So avoid the hassle of cleaning the carpets yourself and call us online or message us for a quick quote to learn more about our professional carpet cleaning services in London.