Even when the smoke clears (literally), there is still a lingering odor. In the open air, smoke clouds carry an odor that can be smelled from kilometers away. On the other hand, you may notice a persistent odor of smoke in your house on a tiny scale. Well, no one wants this or the health hazards that come with breathing it in. So, how can you get rid of the stench of smoke in your home? Come on, let’s find out what happens!

It’s possible and there are many things you can and should do to get rid of the smell of smoke in your home. For complete smoke-odor removal in your house, use a combination of these everyday routines and deep cleaning techniques.

A comprehensive list of tried and true methods to get rid of cigarette smells. Some tips on how to ride it have been compiled by BetterMaid Services for you.


Removing the Smell of Smoke from Your Home

Before we get into the ideas, we feel the need to mention some of the following actions. One should take to eliminate the smell of smoke from a home. The first step is to open the windows and doors to let in the natural sunlight. Air to come In and come out into the house is good. Get some fresh air and sunshine into your house every day to get rid of leftover odors and germs that may be left inside.

Porous materials and surfaces absorb smoky odors and greatly contribute to the lingering smoke smell in the home. To effectively get rid of the smoking odor, one must address all of these locations in the home, rather than just concealing them with scents or air fresheners.


should do the trick for removing the scent from even long-time smoke exposure

You should do the trick for removing the scent from even long-time smoke exposure.


Here are some helpful hints for getting rid of smoke odors in your home.


Increase your home’s airflow by using fans.

When it comes to increase airflow, turn on ceiling and pedestal fans (if you have any). Standing them in front of a window, facing the outside, may help remove smoke odors from the home. Exhaust fans may be used and they should be switched on in bathrooms and kitchens while the home is being aired.


Clean your carpets and upholstery.

Thoroughly vacuum all carpets and upholstered surfaces. These things include things like drapes, carpets, doormats, and upholstered chairs and furnishings. To get the most out of your vacuum cleaner, remember to clean or replace the filters and empty the bag or canister from time to time.


Spritz baking soda on the carpeting.

Sprinkle enough baking soda on your carpet to get rid of lingering smoke odors. Vacuum it in the morning, after it has had time to absorb the odor. Repeat the steps when it needs.


Hard surface cleaning solutions should be used for cleaning hard surfaces.

Clean your home’s hard surfaces using ammonia (according to the directions on the package) and warm water. You should wear gloves and open all the windows when using this product. Keep in mind that ammonia may harm sealed or painted surfaces like hardwood and kitchen cabinets.


high-performing cleaning solutions, to reduce cleaning time and that are also milder and better for the environment

Use high-performing cleaning solutions, to reduce cleaning time and that is also milder and better for the environment.


Remove soot and tar from glass surfaces.

Large volumes of smoke create tar and soot on glass surfaces and mirrors that contribute to the odor and must be cleaned. The best solution for this is a mixture of white vinegar and warm water in equal parts. You can use a soft cloth and DIY glass cleaner to clean the surface in a matter of seconds. Remove stains with ordinary glass cleaner and crushed newspaper.


Reduce your home’s humidity levels.

Odor control in the home is made more difficult by humidity. Bacteria and germs are a better habitat in which to grow than in dry air. Having a dehumidifier that can be moved from room to room is a great way to keep your house dry and save money.


Charcoal activated

Activated charcoal, baking soda, cat litter, and coffee grinds are all known to absorb odors. You may get rid of smoking odors permanently by filling bowls with charcoal and placing them around your home.


All of your pillows and bed linens should be washed.

Launder the sheets and the covers for the detachable pillows. It’s a good idea to clean mattresses, pillows, and sofa cushions while you’re doing this, or at the absolute least, freshen them up with baking soda (to absorb the smoke smell) and then vacuum after 6-8 hours with the proper attachments.


To freshen the air, use a pleasant-smelling floor cleaner.

Mop the floor with a pleasant-smelling cleaner after vacuuming or sweeping the floor. If your type of floor allows it, dilute white vinegar in water (1:10) and use that solution to mop the floor first. When using your industrial floor cleaning solution, it will help neutralize the odor of cigarette smoke.


Natural Lemon Vanilla Home Air Freshener

Make a natural lemon-vanilla home air freshener.


Make your room freshener.

Instead of applying an air freshener, boil lemon or orange peels in water until the scent is released into the air. This is a natural deodorizer for your kitchen and the surroundings around it.

To clean textiles or furniture that can’t be washed, use ready products (as per the material). Smoke odors may be reduced by misting them with a product-specific refresher mist.


Buy an air purifier.

Think about getting a good air filter for your house. This will not only help eliminate the odor of smoke from your home. It also helps prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.


Replace or clean your air conditioner’s filters.

Ash and other particles that contain smoky smells may become stuck in the filters of air conditioners and heating systems.  It circulates throughout the house, thereby adding to the smoke smell in the air. To get rid of the odor and improve airflow, it’s best to wash or change these air filters regularly.

While these methods work for eradicating the smell of smoke from a house. A professional cleaning service is recommended for homes that have been damaged by a fire and now have a bad smell or odor. A skilled house cleaning service will use the finest cleaning methods to remove leftover smoke odors from your home.  Use of professional equipment and supplies!