Is there anything not to like about the vinyl floor? It’s attractive, long-lasting, and available in any pattern or design to easily resemble other materials. It’s affordable!  That’s why Vinyl floor is a popular choice. In contrast to many other kinds of floor, this one is scratch and water-resistant. Making it a perfect option for residential and commercial applications.

The vinyl floor is a snap to clean and maintain because of all of these benefits. Although the proper and wrong ways to clean the material exist, despite this, you don’t want to be in the latter situation.

Vinyl plank floor may last for many years if you know how to properly clean and care for it. So without further ado, here are the BetterMaid cleaning instructions for vinyl planks.


Get that spotless look for your vinyl floor with cleaning and disinfectant supplies.


What Cleaning Supplies and Methods are Safe for Vinyl Plank Floors?


For Regular Cleaning

To keep the floor clean, no added materials or equipment are required. Cleaning vinyl plank floors with common household cleaning products is challenging, but the following hints can help:


Cleaners with a vacuum

Although vacuuming vinyl with a beater bar designed for carpet is safe, it is not recommended. When cleaning vinyl planks, use a standard brush attachment to get rid of the small amounts of dirt.


Soft edge helps capture more dust

Soft brush edge helps capture more dust.



Dustpans and brushes 

Using a dust mop to clean the vinyl floor is fast, easy, and efficient because of its fury finish. Using regularly or for minor cleaning is a great benefit.


Comfy Brooms

Brooms with soft bristles and dustpans are ideal, for cleaning vinyl. Keep away from hard-bristled brooms that don’t do much more than scratch the material if you use too much force.


Cleansing Deep

When it comes time to give your vinyl floor a more thorough clean. The kind of mop and floor cleaner you use may make all the difference from ordinary cleaning. As a result of stain-free vinyl floor.


Spin mops have circular microfiber heads that help clean your floors and other hard-to-reach areas

Spin mops have circular microfiber heads that help clean your floors and other hard-to-reach areas


This Cleaning Equipment and Floor Cleaning Products  for Vinyl Plank Floors


Spin Mop

Using a spin mop is perfect since it is quick to wring and comes in range of mop head materials for vinyl floors. The vinyl floor may be cleaned using microfibre and nylon spin mops.


A Hose and a Mop

The spray mop eliminates the need to worry about water or floor cleaner remaining on the surface since it is swept up immediately after you sprinkle the floors. Spot cleaning vinyl planks has never been easier, thanks to this simple-to-use tool.


To Make Your Vinyl Floor Cleaner at Home

Diluted vinegar and essential oil are all you need to produce a safe, DIY floor cleaning solution for vinyl floors. To remove tough grease and stains from your floor, try using dishwashing liquid. However, don’t use dishwashing liquid since it can leave rest and buildup behind, especially on the vinyl floors.


Vinyl Cleaner for the Workplace

For cleaning vinyl plank floors, there are a wide variety of professional solutions available. You may use them to thoroughly clean vinyl once a month since they are so effective.


Cleaning Vinyl Plank Flooring

A thorough understanding of how to care for your vinyl floors is now at your fingertips thanks to the information provided in this article! The only thing left to figure out is the proper order in which to clean the surface.


Natural cleaners essential.

Natural cleaners  essential.

It’s as simple as following these instructions:


Preparation Step One: Clean Up Spillage

Keeping vinyl free of dirt is critical, since even the tiniest particles may leave minor scuffs if tracked over repeatedly. In addition, dirty floor planks make your vinyl  seem drab and lifeless. Clean the surface with one or more of the approved cleaning tools that were mentioned earlier. Make sure to thoroughly clean the floor so that water doesn’t get into the system and cause a bigger mess.


Step 2: Select

Add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (for scent) to 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in 1 gallon of water and vigorously whisk the solution before using. You may also use a store-bought vinyl floor cleaner for both light and thorough cleaning, but it is crucial to pick a product that is best suited for your finish. It’s best to use a cleaner designed for wax finishes on vinyl instead of regular cleaners if your vinyl has a wax coat.


The third step is to mop the floor.

As long as you don’t soak the material, there are no hard and fast rules for cleaning vinyl plank floor. To get the greatest outcomes, there are, nevertheless, certain fundamental guidelines that one should keep in mind. Starting in the farthest corner away from the exit is the best way to avoid walking over a freshly mopped or wet area of the floor. When the water looks dirty, throw it away and start over with a new batch of cleaning solutions. Pay extra attention to stains or stubborn marks by using more elbow grease when necessary.


Clean the Floor with a Mop and Water

Cleaning your vinyl floor should always include this step, which far too many people neglect to do. When cleaning solutions are left on a vinyl surface, a film forms over the material, making the floor seem dull even after it has been cleaned. This may be prevented by simply washing the floor with a clean mop wet with water. Clean towels may be used to buff the vinyl floor for an even more polished finish.


Because there is always a better and wiser method to clean, we settle for mediocre cleaning outcomes. Thanks to these helpful cleaning suggestions and easy-to-follow cleaning procedures for vinyl plank floors, you may do so as well.