If you’ve put off hiring a professional cleaning service in the UK because you’ve thought about it, now is the time to act. Cleaning your house is an investment in your family’s well-being; it’s a way to save money and spend more quality time with them.

Having your home cleaned by experts every week may transform your life for the better. The time and money saved by arranging weekly cleanings may add up—and enhance your quality of life in the process.

We’re not kidding when we say that a weekly home cleaning may be the key to significant improvements in your life.


When it comes to cleaning costs, you’ll save money.

The idea that you can save money by simply having a cleaning service come once a month may be a common misconception, but it’s not true. Disregard your previous assumptions. It takes longer to have your home cleaned when you use a cleaning service on a more regular basis. When a cleaning service comes so seldom, more to be done. Thorough cleaning takes more time and effort on each visit. It could take twice as long to complete as a weekly clean.

A weekly cleaning service implies that you have fewer things to do when you arrive at your house. A better standard of cleanliness is good because of the frequency with which highly trained cleaning professionals service your property. Because of this, the cleaning service can charge you less for each visit because it takes less time and effort to clean your house.


Calculate the cost of the cleaning service per visit.

Calculate the cost of the cleaning service per visit.


Cleaning service prices depend on the frequency with which your house is cleaned by a professional. Cleaning Services in the UK may cost anywhere from £30 to £60 per week. Complete cleaning of your whole home may cost anything from £130 to £220 if you wait a few months between appointments.

Even though you’ll be paying for numerous trips, the cost per visit will be substantially lower than if you were getting a one-time or monthly cleaning.


You’ll be held to account.

As time goes on, clutter and dust build-up, and messes get out of hand, making it challenging to keep up with them. To prepare your home for the arrival of professional cleaners, you may spend a lot of time doing your cleaning.

On the other hand, cleaning services for your home keep your home cleaner and less messy every week. There are fewer messes to clean up since it’s been a shorter period since the last one. The cost of cleaning services every visit is decreasing.

An investment in weekly cleaning services is required. Perhaps you are prone to making messes. Isn’t it better to spend your money on your house by hiring someone to clean it? It’s more likely that your family will safeguard the investment you make. If you have a professional cleaning service come to your house every week, you’ll be more inclined to clean up throughout the week.


Fresh starts are available to you every week.

In the end, hiring a weekly cleaning service means that you can come back to a clean house and enjoy it without having to do any of the work. Your counters and floors are pristine, and no dust bunnies hide in the corners. Use these (green) cleaning solutions, and the air has that fresh-cleaned scent that everyone loves. No one has to cope with a mess.

A clean and clutter-free house is suitable for your mental health. It has been scientifically proven that a cluttered house affects your brain, makes it more challenging to concentrate on critical activities, and generates stress. Living in a clean environment makes you feel more confident and at ease. Taking care of yourself is good for you and your whole family.


Cleaning service worker holding a bucket full of cleaning products

Cleaning service worker holding a bucket full of cleaning products


You save a lot of time.

Hire a weekly cleaning service and see what else you can accomplish with your time. On average, European spend six to seven hours a week cleaning, and others spend much more time.

Using a weekly cleaning service saves between 24 and 28 hours per month, or between 312 and 364 hours per year, which equals almost 15 days per year!

What could you possibly do with an extra two weeks in the year? Do you know what you could do? Even if you use a biweekly cleaning service, you save between 156 and 182 hours a year.

Time is money, and it’s a fact of life. With the time you save, you may spend more time working and earning money or spending quality time with your family and friends. Can you place a price or value on extra time spent helping your kids with homework, working for a local charity, or pursuing a personal goal?

What would you do if you had an additional 15 days each year? A weekly cleaning service may be the best option.


A happy busy lady from cleaning service

A happy, busy lady from the cleaning service


You’ll be able to do the household duties you enjoy.

Everyone has their favorite duties, as well as their least favorite. For those duties that you don’t want to perform, a weekly cleaning service may take care of them for you, freeing up your time to focus on other household chores that you can’t seem to get.

Organize your garage or tackle a home repair project. Is there anything in your closet that does not bring you joy? You may donate all unwanted goods from the garage and wardrobe to a local shelter or charity.

Professional cleaners will take care of the nasty work they do for a living. Because of this, you have more time to make nutritious meals, meal plans for the week or clean out your fridge as frequently as you wish. Your to-do list is suddenly filled with tremendous accomplishments since you have more free time than you had previously anticipated.

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