The COVID-19 virus has shaken the daily lives and activities across the world. As the cases of COVID-19 patients is rising sky high, it calls for an increased demand for professional cleaning services. Especially in commercial settings, the need for cleaning services has spiked to a great deal. This has led to a decline in the revenues of the residential cleaning businesses.

To avoid contact, many of the residential settings have cut paused or cancelled their cleaning services. More than 70% of the residential housekeepers lost their jobs in the pandemic. The clients are suspending the cleaning crew because they are worried about their health and the potential health risk. Ironically, at this time, hygiene maintenance and residential cleaning are crucial than ever before.

There is actually another scenario as well. On one side, where clients or customers hesitate to allow the residential cleaning services, on the other side, some clients want frequent cleaning services soo that they are assured their environment is clean and hygienic.

Domestic House Cleaning

Domestic House Cleaning

Following are some ways by which the residential cleaning business are coping up in such critical and unpredictable times.


Introducing contactless services:

Residential cleaning businesses are introducing services that claim minimal contact between the cleaning crew and the customers. This strategy includes asking the clients to go in a separate room that isn’t being cleaned at the moment. This also includes using online services to quote the new business or startup to the client instead of in-person meetings.


Making the employees follow all the SOPs strictly


The cleaning crew members are the frontline workers. Their healthy is the responsibility of the cleaning business owners. Moreover, taking care of their health also impose a positive impact on the clients.

For this purpose, the residential cleaning companies perform regular screening of their workers and also show it to the clients. They make sure their employees are strictly following the SOPs like wearing masks, gloves and PPE at all times during their stay at the residential settings. This is beneficial for both the crew and the clients.

Contactless Services

Marketing Strategy

Adjusting the marketing strategy

The residential cleaning businesses are using a different marketing strategy now by stressing their cleaning services’ health benefits during the pandemic. They are emphasizing the fact that hiring cleaning staff is more of a necessity now than a luxury like it used to be. They showcase their latest cleaning aids and tell how they incorporate things to maintain clean and hygienic living space.


Diversifying the services

Residential cleaning services are now diversifying their services rather than being available for a specific demographic area. This gives a boost to the revenue as new clients are built. They are offering deep cleaning services through modern tools and technologies as foggers and UV cleaning aids along with general cleaning practices. They are also targeting the high traffic homes with people who are very conscious about hygiene.

Such kind of innovative approaches by residential business owners are really benefiting them in these unprecedented times.