Green Cleaning: Ten Facts You Should Know


Most cleaning products we use in our houses and offices contain toxic and chemical substances. These items can harm our ecosystem. It is highly beneficial to adopt Green Cleaning practices as part of being a responsible human being. Using biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning methods can reduce the damages caused to our environment. It is an excellent initiative to curate a healthier way of living. Here, in this article, we will walk you through ten interesting facts about Green Cleaning!


Green Cleaning can reduce our carbon footprints.

Carbon footprints refer to the effect of our actions on our environment. We can measure it based on the amount of carbon dioxide our households release annually. Research shows that in the US, houses release 55,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.

It is essential to adopt cleaning practices that can reduce our carbon footprints. By opting for eco-friendly and green-labeled cleaning products and methods, we can decrease carbon emissions.

For instance, petrochemical items in our detergents and other cleaning formulas can increase our carbon footprints. By switching to eco-friendly products, we can bring about a change in this situation.


Green Cleaning products are as effective as chemical products.

Eco Cleaning

Eco Cleaning

We might feel that chemical and toxic cleaning products are highly effective as they produce instant results. Here, we would only have to use a lower quantity of the product. With Green Cleaning items, we might have to spend a few extra minutes to get the desired results.

Since eco-friendly products don’t have chemicals, they have a positive impact on our environment. However, while purchasing these products, look for Ecologo, which is a Green Seal Certification. It shows that the item is eco-friendly and effective.


Green Cleaning can improve air quality and reduce indoor pollution.

As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is an environmental risk of utmost concern. Toxic chemical substances present in our traditional cleaning products can harm our environment. They can aggravate our health conditions. It is because these items can tamper with the indoor air quality of our place.

Along with that, these products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). They can cause sick building syndrome, asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, and even cancer. These chemical products can affect the quality of drinking water in our area, too.

By using Green Cleaning products, we can remove toxic substances present in the water system. With them, we can also improve the air quality of our residence.


Not all Green Cleaning products are expensive!

It is a myth that most of us believe that Green Cleaning products can be expensive. However, it is not always the case. There are several Green Cleaning products you can purchase without spending a lot of money. You can also make many Green Cleaning items with the resources available in your pantry.

You can make cleaning products with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. They are highly beneficial for keeping our home safe and germ-free. If you don’t have time to prepare these items, you can always purchase Green Cleaning products. However, some of them might be expensive. But when we consider their long-term benefits, it won’t be a problem. They can reduce chemical spills and decrease the risk of illness.


Green Cleaning products don’t have synthetic fragrances.

Chemical products often contain synthetic fragrances. As per the Committee on Science and Technology, 95% of toxic cleaning products have synthetic fragrances.

These products can pave the way for neurological problems, infertility, affect our hormones, etc. Green Cleaning products don’t have to use synthetic fragrances. They depend on natural components, and some of them have benefits equal to aromatherapy.

Green Cleaning products can reduce our risk of confronting allergies, learning disorders, and other health issues too.


Green Cleaning focuses on the 3R’s.

Replacing chemicals products

Replacing chemicals products

Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse are three aspects of preserving our ecosystem. With Green Cleaning products, these factors play a crucial role. For instance, most of these products have recyclable bottles.

Their efficiency in packaging is yet another factor to consider. It is because most of these products opt for lightweight packaging. Their labels would also contain detailed information on how to use and dispose of their packaging.


Green Cleaning items don’t have antibacterials.

Antibacterials like triclosan can cause hormonal imbalance and affect our thyroid. As per the US Foods and Drugs Administration and the American Medical Association, antibacterials can reduce the effect of antibiotics on our body.

With Green Cleaning products, there are no antibacterials. Through this, we can stay safe and improve our health.


Some Green Cleaning products can be disinfectants.

Many people believe chemical substances like bleach can only act as disinfectants. However, the truth is there are many naturally available items with the properties of a disinfectant.

For instance, acetic acid or vinegar is a natural substance, which is an example of a disinfectant. Acetic acid can remove several harmful bacteria like E-Coli and Salmonella.

Apart from that, there are other naturally occurring disinfectants like citric acid and lactic acid. They are commonly known as efficient sanitizers.


Store and dispose of Green Cleaning Products efficiently.

Though Green Cleaning products are eco-friendly, we have to store and dispose of them responsibly. Akin to other products, it is essential to keep them away from the reach of children. You have to avoid placing them with food and beverages too.

If you plan to prepare Green Cleaning products from your home, make them for immediate use only. Avoid storing them. When you dispose of the bottles and other packagings of Green Cleaning products, focus on recycling them.


Always check the label to avoid greenwashing.

Natural Products

Natural Products

Greenwashing is a problem that we confront when we look for Green Cleaning products. It is a marketing strategy employed by companies to present their products as eco-friendly. Though they might mention their product as “all-natural” or “biodegradable,” it might not be so in reality.

We can avoid being the prey of greenwashing by examining the labels before purchasing these products. Look for Green Seal Labels, which show that the product is carcinogen and toxic-free.

Green Cleaning is a method that can create a substantial change to our environment. By opting for Green Cleaning products and measures, we are taking steps to preserve our ecosystem.