Eight Pro Cleaning Tips You Must Know


Are you interested in knowing about professional cleaning tips for your house cleaning? Cleanliness is always essential to achieve if you want to stay healthy and fresh. In this post, we are going to mention eight pro cleaning tips that you must know. If you want to make your house tidy, definitely read these quick cleaning tips.


  1. Clean keyboard using a toothbrush, water, and vinegar

Yes, keyboards are a great place for bacteria to live for a long time. We mostly don’t ever focus on cleaning the keyboard. But it is simple and easy to clean, trust me. Take a clean toothbrush, dip it into water and vinegar solution, and rub it between the buttons and the entire surface of the keyboard.


  1. Disinfect sponge in the microwave

We all care a lot about cleaning our dishes and kitchen shelves using the sponge but never thought about cleaning that dirty sponge. Yes, it is simple and effortless. Place the sponges in a microwave-safe bowl, place them in the microwave for 2 minutes, and that’s how you instantly get rid of bacteria.


  1. Clean the showerhead with vinegar

Eight Pro Cleaning Tips You Must Know

It is essential to clean the showerhead as it contains millions of bacteria.  It will take some time but believe me, the results of these house cleaning secrets are always amazing. Take off the showerhead and clean between the holes using a small and clean toothbrush. Then let it soak into vinegar for 3, 4 hours. Now, spray excess water with good pressure and that’s it.


  1. Wipe away pet hairs using a dry sponge

Eight Pro Cleaning Tips You Must Know

We all love our pets, but what about the hardest task, yes, cleaning their hair. If left undone, it may cause serious allergies. You can simply use a dry sponge to collect the pet’s hair from the floor. Also, you may use the sponge to clean the pet’s hairs from walls, curtains, and other surfaces.


  1. Clean phone with cloth and disinfectant wipe

Eight Pro Cleaning Tips You Must Know

A smartphone is a thing that we all have in our hands all the time. But we hardly think about cleaning it which is necessary to keep your body away from germs. This thing requires two simple and easy steps. First, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away dirt. And finally, smoothly rub a disinfecting wipe for better results.


  1. Clean the fabric couch with a brush and vacuum

Eight Pro Cleaning Tips You Must Know

We all have a fabric couch in our house, but hardly find the time and much effort to clean it. However, it is simple to clean the couches. Use a brush to get rid of dirt, hair, or debris from the couch. Lastly, use the vacuum sucker to effectively catch the debris and leftover dust or hair.



  1. Clean kitchen sink with baking soda and water

Eight Pro Cleaning Tips You Must Know

We all think about placing our clean dishes in the kitchen sink but do we ever clean the sink. Mostly, we don’t but it is necessary to properly clean it to make it germ-free, clean, and free of blockage. Simply, pour some baking soda down the sinkhole, and then pour hot water into it.



  1. Clean the fridge with liquid chlorine bleach, hot water, and dishwashing detergent

Eight Pro Cleaning Tips You Must Know

It is necessary to clean your fridge if you want to keep the inside food healthy and germ-free for you. Firstly, empty the fridge, even the shelves. Use hot water with dishwashing liquid to clean the shelves and fridge. Then, use unscented liquid chlorine bleach mixed with water to get better results.



To wrap it up

We all love cleanliness and a hygienic environment. For this, we need to deep clean our home rather than just thoroughly clean it. Keep these professional cleaning tips in mind whenever cleaning your place to get effective results.


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