Eco-Friendly Cleaning: 7 Simple Steps to Take


Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are becoming more prevalent in stores as “green” cleaning becomes more fashionable. Cleaning products that don’t include harsh chemicals or perfumes are also safer for children and pets, as well as anybody in your home with sensitive skin (or a sensitive sniffer).

In the words of Seventh Generation spokeswoman Brandi Thomas, “We know goods made from renewable plant-based components provide a sustainable, healthy answer not just for customers’ homes but for the community and environment outside of them.” Using reusable alternatives to single-use items and throwaway packaging reduces household waste and costs you less over time.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into eco-friendly cleaning, give a few of these sustainable alternatives ago. Your household waste, indoor air quality, and general home health will improve as you include more eco-friendly cleaning practices into your daily routine. Take a look at how simple it is to become green in your cleaning routine by using these basic ideas.


1. Switch to Glass Bottles.

Eco Cleaning

Consider using reusable containers for cleaning products instead of single-use plastic bottles.

Many cleaning chemicals are now available in glass spray bottles, some of which include a silicone cap to keep them from slipping and spilling.

This not only reduces the amount of plastic your family uses and the carbon impact it leaves behind, but it may also be less expensive in the long run.

Refills are less costly since you only have to buy the glass container once.



2. Reusable Cleaning Cloths 

Rather than discarding your cleaning clothes in the trash, place them in the washing machine.

Replace paper towels or cleaning wipes with reusable cotton rags for wiping down surfaces.

Polishing and dusting surfaces using microfiber towels is a breeze. Additionally, they dry rapidly.

The cloth you just used to clean your surfaces may be washed and reused several times.




3. Make Your Own Cleaning Products.

Instead of using harsh cleansers, turn to homemade alternatives. When it comes to a lot of cleaning tasks, you don’t need much more than baking soda, white vinegar, salt, and lemons in your kitchen.

As an example, you may want to give a 1-to-1 solution of distilled white vinegar and water a try. To get rid of limescale buildup and restore the showerhead’s shine, you can make this DIY cleaning solution and mix it with water.


4. Switch to a Greenwashing Detergent.

To get your clothing clean, your detergent doesn’t have to be a brilliant color or have a strong aroma. While doing laundry, avoid items that include artificial scents and dyes, which may irritate the skin and cause allergies. Check labels for potentially dangerous substances like formaldehyde and phosphates. Also, check for dioxane or formaldehyde in products.


5. Old Toothbrushes 

You may use used toothbrushes to clean your home instead of throwing them away. These thin brushes are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like the grout lines between tiles and the rims of tubs and faucets. Toothbrushes may also be used to remove minor stains from rugs or carpets, clean tenacious dust from air vents, and remove rubber soles from shoes. Keep the ones you use for cleaning separately from the ones you use for brushing your teeth.



A natural sponge will hold two to three times as much water.

A natural sponge will hold two to three times as much water.

6. Use Natural Sponges Instead of Synthetic Ones.

Most sponges are composed of synthetic materials and must be thrown away once they’ve been used. Switch to sponges composed of natural.

Biodegradable materials like cellulose or cotton fibers for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Unlike traditional sponges, which must be thrown away after use, they may be chopped up and composted.


7. Reusable Dryer Sheets May Be Substituted.

Wool dryer balls may be used instead of disposable dryer sheets in your washing regimen. When it comes to wrinkles, pet hair, and lint. There’s no better alternative than this reusable dryer sheet.

In the long run, dryer balls are more cost-effective than dryer sheets since a single set of dryer balls may last for many years.

Add a few drops of essential oil to each dryer ball to give it a fresh aroma boost.



With Green Cleaning products, there are no antibacterials. Through this, we can stay safe and improve our health.

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