Professional equipment used

  Anti-viral and anti-bacterial sanitisation included

  Stain guard protection included

  Will remove the majority of stains

  Leave your carpet fresh again, free of germs, dirt and smells

The only carpet cleaning service you will ever need

We use the best professional How Water Extraction techniques to ensure that your carpet is as clean as it can possibly be once we complete the job. This technique utilises hot water at high pressure to infiltrate into carpet fibres, separating the dirt and bacteria buried away deep inside. The hot water is then separated by means of a vacuum or a powerful suction pump inside the machine, extracting all the dirt and grime from the carpet fibres.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents are used to remove 99.9% of all viruses, fungi and mould which are likely to be present in a seldomly cleaned carpet. This leaves your carpet fresh, revived and hygenically clean. Stain protection agents which is fibre friendly and maintains the original look and feel of the carpet are then applied, leaving it protected for the coming months.

This carpet cleaning service is all that you would ever need if you want a hygenically clean, fresh and rejuvenated carpet, prolonging its life, in your home or office.

Treatment Steps

  Examine the type of carpet and recommend the most appropriate treatment

  Thoroughly hoover to remove any lose dirt

  Apply anti-viral agents to sanitise and kill 99% of germs

  Apply spot stain removal agents to extract stubborn stains

  Use our powerful hot water extraction system to steam clean to extract all dirt, grime and stains

  Apply stain block protection to protect the carpet and increase its lifespan


  • A minimum charge of £75 applies for carpet cleaning services. Congestion and parking charges, are not included in the price, where applicable.

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