Specially trained to clean serviced apartments 

  Every clean is customised to your requirements

  We can work with your tailored task list 

  We understand your extra special needs

  Get 5 star ratings for your business every single time


We clean our own Holiday Lets so we know and understand all the cleaning needs of your holiday rental


We understand it takes more than just cleaning when it comes to serviced apartments or holiday lets


You have worked so hard for it. Now sit back and let us do the hard work to gain you 5 star cleanliness reviews everytime

One of the main reasons we exist is so we can assemble the best and most caring team of cleaners in order to help apartment  owners, operators and property management companies gain the best reputation possible for their businesses.

We understand what it takes to run a successful holiday let or service apartment business as we also operate in this space ourselves. Our cleaners are much more than just highly trained cleaners to keep your apartments sparkling clean. They are your eyes and ears on the ground to ensure that one of the most vital part of your holiday let operations, often inadequate, run smoothly and ensure that all your clients receives the best possible guest experience. As such, our specialist holiday let cleaners have all been additionally trained individually by us to ensure that they meet the stringent housekeeping needs of your business.

Now its time to shine and get those five star reviews you deserve, leaving your guests coming back for more. Have you total peace of mind and leave this vital task to us!

Our brand and reputation is totally dependant upon our clients experiences of distinction with our services. We take great care in understanding our clients needs and pain points, as ultimately your success is also our success.


Enhance Your Property with Our Premium Linen Hire Services – We are your one-stop shop for your guest changeovers! We also offer hotel grade professional linen hire to go with our short let cleaning services.

Why Choose Our Linen Hire Service?

  Unmatched Quality: Enjoy professionally washed, dried, and immaculately pressed linen delivered in factory-sealed bags, ensuring pristine condition every time.

  Capital Cost Savings: Eliminate the need for purchasing multiple linen sets for each property. Pay only for what you hire and keep your cash flow under control.

  Cut Replacement Costs: Save on the expense of constantly replacing stained or damaged linen.

  Consistent Excellence: Our linen undergoes stringent quality controls to maintain a consistently high standard.

  Positive First Impressions: Enhance guest comfort and experience, leading to better reviews and a stronger reputation.

  Hassle-Free Management: We handle all aspects of your linen needs from ordering and delivery to usage consolidation, so you can focus ON your business and not working IN your business.


Ready to discover more about how our linen hire service can benefit you? Contact us today to learn more and start experiencing the difference.


Dust off and polish all reachable surfaces

Dust and polish TV and all units

Wipe all furniture

Empty bins/change bin bags

Hoover carpet or mop floor

Clean skirtings

Clean and polish mirrors

Clean all door handles and window sills

Dressing up: Dress up the entire property to the original specification ready to receive and impress your next guests

Disinfect, wipe and sanitise all surfaces

Do the washing up

Clean hobs and splash-back

Vacuum rug/carpet and/or mop floor

Rubbish bin: Clean the entire outside and inside of the bin. Throw away rubbish and renew bin liner.

Clean all skirtings

Remove limescale deposits on sink surfaces

Wash, scrub, descale and wipe down sink. Clean and throw away any food debris, dirt or around the sink drain.

Microwave: Clean inside and out

Fridge-Freezer: Clean inside all the compartments. Remove all grime, mildew, and food spillages. Wipe and sanitise door handles, clean the rubber seal and the top of the fridge.

Oven: Clean and degrease oven, hob and grill, grill pan and oven racks, inner top of the oven. Wipe and clean the rubber seal

Washing machine: Wipe down inside and outside, check and clean the rubber seal, clean the dispenser drawer with detergent

Dishwasher: Remove mildew and grime, check filters, clean the soap and salt dispenser drawer. Refill both if needed

Toaster: Remove all leftover crumbs. Clean and polish

Cupboards: Clear inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers. Cleaning the grime around the handles

Cupboards: Clear inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers. Cleaning the grime around the handles

Consumables: Top up/renew all consumables, condiments, beverages, toilettries and welcome packs

Dust all reachable surfaces

Sanitise all reachable surfaces, clean the shower cubicle and/or bathtub

Clean and sanitise toilet

Clean and polish mirrors

Mop the floor

Empty bins/change bin bags

Clean and polish mirrors

Clean towel rails

Dust all reachable surfaces

Polish mirrors

Empty bins/change bin bags

Hoover carpet or mop the floor

Wipe all skirtings and windows sills

Empty bins/change bin bags

Clean and polish mirrors and door handles

Dust and clean bedside tables, lamps and work desk

Linen & Towels: Change all bedding, linen and towels. Configure beds according to next guest’s requirements. Dress up all bedding and soft furnishings. Lay out toiletries


NOTE: Prices include VAT, administration fees. Clients are to supply the cleaning equipment (hoover, bucket & mop) and all cleaning fluids. There is a minimum charge of 3 Hrs for up to 2 bed 1 bath properties. Please enquire to get an accurate quote for larger properties.

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