We all know that having ants in your home is a hassle. Insects are a nuisance, and these home treatments may help get rid of them. To put it simply, they’re easy to use and cost-effective. Let’s face it: having it at home may be a real pain.

Having ants invading your home isn’t just annoying; a swarm of ants may also do significant harm. Having it living in your house is a bad idea. Like the Fire and Harvester types that attack people. As opposed to termites, carpenter ants are known to cause harm to a building’s structural components. Contaminated food is almost always the result of it in the home.

It is possible for them to transmit germs to food or to a wound that is open. There are over 12,000 distinct species of ant in the world. Everybody hates it when ant go inside their homes, particularly when it’s hot outside. You can keep ant at bay by keeping your home spotless, but that won’t always be possible. We’ve put together a list of the best home remedies to keep ants out of your house.




Here’s How To Get Rid of Ants in Your House Without Using Harsh Chemicals



Mix together one part lemon juice with three parts water and use it as an all-purpose spray.

When the ants get in, squeezing a lemon or placing lemon peels in spots where they enter will help. When cleaning your floors, you may also use a mixture of water and lemon juice. There is some evidence that ant avoid lemon juice because it has a strong odor.

Sugar is the ants’ biggest buddy, so anything sour or unpleasant will keep them away. As a result, be cautious not to have anything delicious in your home that can attract them. Ensure that your kitchen countertop is spotless before placing the peels on it.




Using a Piece of Chalk

Using chalk to get rid of ants is one home remedy. Calcium carbonate, which is found in chalk, helps to keep ants at bay. Spray some chalk powder in the locations where they like to enter or draw a line of chalk at the entrance.

You can keep ants out of your home by drawing chalk lines around the perimeter of your property. Although it’s not apparent why this line prevents the ants from entering the house, it is definitely effective. Make sure the line is out of reach of any children in the home before you draw it.



Oranges, like lemons, keep the ants away from your home by repelling them. Make a paste out of one cup of warm water and a few orange peels to get rid of it. Apply the paste to the ant entrance sites and then wipe it off. You may also lay orange peels on the kitchen counter or where you suspect these ants are coming in.

For ants, it functions as a natural deterrent that may help keep them at bay while also preventing them from returning. Let the orange rinds do their job and keep the ants away from your home!



Mix regular table salt with boiling water and waiting for it to be slightly cool enough to be poured into a spray bottle.

Spreading salt around the places where ants enter the home can help keep them out. To get rid of them organically, table salt is one of the best and most cost-effective methods.

Table salt, not health-enhancing rock salt, should be used. You just need to bring water to a boil, then add a significant quantity of salt and stir it until it dissolves.

Spray the solution where ants are most likely to enter your home or business using a spray bottle







White Vinegar 

Because of its pungent odor, white vinegar repels ants. Combine equal parts of water and white vinegar in a container. Make sure to shake it well before using it. If you want to keep the ants out, keep this solution around the entry sites. Once a day, repeat this.

To be clear, the no-entry zone will remain uninfested as long as this approach is used. Inspect your windowsills, doors, and other areas that were known to congregate.



Garnish your home’s entryway and any other possible entry points with cinnamon and cloves. As a bonus, it’s a great way to keep your home smelling clean and natural. Homemade ant control methods that use cinnamon are often recommended. According to folklore, cinnamon repels ants because they cannot endure its pungent scent. An essential oil may be added to the cinnamon powder to enhance its scent, which will keep them at bay.



Peppermint oil and mint leaves are another great way to put off the pesky insects from entering your home.


You may use peppermint to get rid of ants since it is an insecticide. A peppermint-scented location will likely be avoided because of its unpleasant odor. It has a pungent aroma that finds repulsive, so they avoid entering the house.

Sprinkle a combination of 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and a cup of water where you locate ants to get rid of them. Repeat this twice a day for best results. Peppermint may also be substituted for the liquid combination.



It’s time to say goodbye to ants with the help of these simple home remedies. For more tips, read here…