5 Top Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques article explains the cleaning of choice by carpet cleaning professionals.

Carpets are the most preferred choice of flooring in our homes and offices. While they make an excellent choice for flooring, it is extremely important that you provide them with regular maintenance and proper care. Apart from the daily vacuuming and spot cleaning, your carpets need a professional Carpet cleaning service to extend the life of your carpets.


Talking about Professional Carpet cleaning, you might have often heard about steam cleaning, but that’s not the only technique used by professional carpet cleaning companies. In fact, trusted Cleaning companies like ours( your name) use a variety of techniques to take out every last grain of soil and dirt from your carpets. Not only do we leave your carpets looking their best, but we make sure that they are sanitised and are free of any germs, and smell like heaven too..


Why so many Carpet Cleaning Techniques?

Well, mainly because the variety of textiles we have. Textiles vary in shapes, sizes and types. A decent Professional Carpet Cleaning company should be able to cater to the a varying needs of each of them such as carpets, rugs, upholstery ,and other household textiles. A Professional Carpet cleaning service like ours understands the unique needs of each material and goes beyond these common types of textiles in your homes and offices, to clean tiles, leathers, or even your air ducts. The following are the most common professional carpet cleaning techniques used:

  • Hot Water Extraction (“Steam Cleaning”)
  • Absorbent Compound (“Dry Cleaning”)
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Encapsulation

Please bear in mind that these are five of the most commonly used professional carpet cleaning techniques in a real Carpet cleaning expert’s bag of tricks.


HWE Carpet Cleaning

HWE Carpet Cleaning


Hot water extraction (HWE)

Also known as steam cleaning or wet carpet cleaning, this, by far, is the most common professional carpet cleaning technique.

Professional carpet cleaning companies realise that it is a safe, protected, effective and cost-efficient technique of carpet cleaning. This technique utilises hot water at high pressure to infiltrate into carpet fibres, separating the dirt and bacteria buried away deep inside. The hot water is then separated by means of a vacuum or a powerful suction pump inside a service truck in the case of Commercial carpet cleaning. This is where the technique takes its name from.

The cleaning interaction starts with the application of a cleaning agent onto the target area. The cleaning agent is then spread through brush and separates the dirt. The real hot water extraction just becomes an integral factor once the cleaning agent is offered time to do its job.

Steam cleaning can require an hour to clean an average home, and twice that for carpet to dry. Workplaces and other commercial properties can take any longer. Performing commercial cleaning services later in the day are a common practice as it allows carpets to dry overnight.

Hot water Extraction not only eliminates the most debris and dirt from your carpets, they also dry rapidly making re-soiling impossible and enabling your homes and offices to start operating sooner.


Absorbent Compound Carpet cleaning

Absorbent Compound Carpet cleaning


Absorbent compound

Also known as Dry Carpet cleaning, the absorbent compound carpet cleaning doesn’t require the use of water or any water-based detergents or cleaning agents like those used in Wet carpet cleaning or Hot water extraction method. Cleaning agents in powdery structure, also known as absorbent compounds are sprayed on the carpet and left for a brief period (about 30 minutes) and then the carpet is vacuumed with the help of a professional-strength dry vacuum. More often than not, a mechanical brush is utilised to spread absorbent compounds and disrupt dirty fibres. This can be done by hand or with professional cleaning machines. The powder beats the dirt and vacuuming, simply pulls it off.

This technique is best for those who are looking to get deep carpet cleaning without wet carpet cleaning method.


Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning also known as spin pad carpet cleaning or absorbent pad carpet cleaning or carbonated carpet shampoo cleaning, is common in hotels and other commercial organisations needing a quick tidy up. It is one of the quickest professional carpet cleaning techniques. Unlike other Carpet cleaning techniques, carpet Bonnet cleaning essentially centers around the carpet’s surface. Furnished with a spinning pad absorbed cleaning arrangement, Bonnet machines powerfully clean the carpet’s surface, eliminating dirt and grime.

The technique includes a round absorbent bonnet that is set up before actual cleaning by a) drenching it with water and afterward wringing it out so it isn’t dripping wet, and heavily soiled areas are straightforwardly sprayed with the bonnet cleaning arrangement at nearly 200 square feet per gallon, or b) The bonnet is immersed into the bonnet cleaning solution and wrung out so it isn’t too wet.

The rotating absorbent bonnet (generally cotton or rayon) is then connected to a low speed (175 RPM) rotary floor machine with a heavy-duty motor due to the high friction included. A drive, block or pad driver holds the bonnet or pad back from sneaking off. Dirt is theoretically sucked into into the pad. The bonnet is changed or turned once the pad surface has absorbed the maximum soil – this is typically up to 600 square feet per bonnet side – more commonly for heavily soiled carpet. The bonnet is then cleaned out and reused depending on the situation. In some cases, carbonated water is used to provide better soil suspension and cut down the pH.

This technique is best for those who are looking for a quick Carpet cleaning. Nonetheless, it is more of a more convenient than durable solution as the soil in the lower layers of the carpet ascends back to the surface after some time, which means you might need repeated cleaning services to keep your carpets clean. Another con, Bonnet Carpet cleaning can also leave a substance residue on your carpets, clothes and shoes.


Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning



One of the oldest and most conventional professional carpet cleaning technique, Carpet shampooing has been a go-to method for heavy-duty carpet cleaning for quite a long time.

This method comprises of a rotary floor machine furnished with solution tanks and shower feed brushes. After a thorough vacuuming, the carpet is scrubbed while a shampoo solution is applied and worked into the carpet with the help of a shower feed brush.  Wet vacuuming is then performed to eliminate the “shampoo” just as the dirt connected to it.

This technique is generally economical, high agitation and deep cleaning produce good overall cleaning results. Nonetheless, a high degree of expertise is included, to avoid as over -wetting and pile distortion.


Encapsulation cleaning

Encapsulation Carpet cleaning



Many allude to encapsulation carpet cleaning as “encap” or “encapping.” Although regularly misconstrued, the cleaning technique has acquired massive popularity over the last few years.The strategy makes use of comparable equipment as the “Shampoo” technique.

The technique involves applying cleaning solution containing a crystallising, acrylic polymer. It is this polymer that makes the sorcery of encapsulation. Encapsulation formulas  are made up of several other cleaning agents such as, surfactants that work  to break the bond between dirt, grease and grime and the carpet fibres. As the encapsulation cleaning solution is applied to the carpet with an agitation machine. The different types of machines include incorporate Cimex, Rotary Brush, Rotary Bonnet, Oscillating Pad (OP) and there are others too.

The agitation leads to the bond breakage between the dirt and fibre. It also blends the encapsulation solution with the soil and sticky-residue. After drying, the solution crystallises delivering the residue to be totally non-sticky. Routine vacuuming eliminates the encapsulated particles.

Encapsulation is frequently favoured over carpet shampooing on the grounds that it gives up no residue dries quicker, and consumes less water.

All things considered, encapsulation cleaning isn’t ideal every time. Most carpet cleaning professionals don’t use it on heavily soiled carpets. It is essentially not as effective. Eventually, perceiving the best solution requires both instruction and experience.

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